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Achievement First

Press Release: Achievement First, YES Prep and Aspire Public Schools Announce Charter Network Accelerator

January 21, 2014 How Letter Writing is Helping Fathers Reach Their Sons

By Tracy Jarrett, January 19, 2015

Alliance for School Choice

Wall Street Journal: On the School-Choice Barricades

By Allysia Finley, September 5, 2014

The Program on Education Policy and Governance at Harvard University

Education Next: The End of the Bush-Obama Regulatory Approach to School Reform

By Paul E. Peterson, Summer 2016
(Essay presented January 2016 before the Centre for the Study of Market Reform of Education (CMRE) London, UK)

Wall Street Journal: Even Teachers Are No Fans of Forced Union Payments

By Paul E. Peterson and Martin R. West, July 15, 2015

Success Academy Charter Schools

Success Academy Celebrates Amazing Scholars

October 2016

Education Next: What Explains Success at Success Academy?

By Charles Sahm, Summer 2015

Success! And Virtual Success!!

By Andrew Tobias, August 19, 2015

US News: All About Eva

By Robert Pondiscio, April 10, 2015

Alexander Hamilton Award – Eva Moskowitz

Manhattan Institute with introduction by Roger Hertog, May 11, 2015

To Diversify Schools, Expand Charters: The Model Works

By Eva Moskowitz , September 3, 2015

Thomas B. Fordham Institute

EdExcellence: Paying homage to charter schools’ early trailblazers

By Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Brandon Wright, May 4th, 2016

EdExcellence: Repairing the charter marketplace

By Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Brandon Wright, June 17, 2016

EdExcellence: College Readiness versus college completion: Variations by race

By Michael J. Petrilli, July 6, 2016

Uncommon Schools

An Uncommon Celebration: The World is Going to Need Me


Harambee Center: Library and Computer Center


Thanks USA

USA Today: Voices: Military families deserve more than lip service

By Gen. James L. Jones Jr. and Sheila Casey, July 6, 2016

CBS News: Sisters raise $10 million in 10 years for military families

By Chip Reid, December 30, 2015

An Opportunity Society

Centurion Ministries and The Innocence Project

The New Yorker: The Price of a Life

By Ariel Levy, April 13, 2015

Institute for Justice

Wall Street Journal: Pushback Against Government Raids on Personal Property

By Lee McGrath and Nick Sibilla, June 3, 2016

The New York Times: Lawsuit Accuses Missouri City of Fining Homeowners to Raise Revenue

By Monica Davey, November 4, 2015

Wall Street Journal: Anti-School Choice Religious Bigotry

By Michael Bindas, December 11, 2015


Carnegie Hall

Take-On-Me – a ha – Brooklyn Duo and Ensemble Connect

February 5, 2017

Carnegie Hall 125th Anniversary: Celebrating the Audience of Tomorrow

November 30, 2015

New York Classical Review: Mälkki, Ensemble ACJW Shine in Varied Program

By George Grella, May 11, 2014


New York Times: Review: Juilliard’s Fast Take on French Baroque

By James R. Oestreich, November 10, 2016

Juilliard Look Inside: Baroque as a Second Language

Juilliard: A Day in the Life: Historical Performance

Juilliard: A Day in the Life: Music Division

Juilliard: Overview: Drama Division

Juilliard: Commencement Speaker, Christine Baranski 2016

New York Times: Review: A Vivid Vision of Muffat @ Juilliard 415

By James R. Oestreich, May 1, 2016

Israeli Chamber Project

Calgary Herald: Review – ProMusica Presents Israeli Chamber Project

By Kenneth Delong, November 7, 2016

Juilliard Journal: Spotlight on Sivan Magen

By Parker Ramsay, October, 2016

Two Clowns: Pierrot Meets Petrushka

Morgan Library Concert, March 22, 2016



The Foundation supports efforts to increase competition and choice throughout the American educational system, public and private.

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An Opportunity Society

The Innocence Project | Photo Credit: William Woody

The Foundation advocates for an opportunity society that promotes a strong economy, provides effective and meaningful education for all, and helps the disadvantaged achieve a better life for themselves and their children.

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Carnegie Hall: Ensemble Connect | Photo Credit: Jennifer Taylor

The Foundation supports a vibrant arts and cultural community that nurtures young artists and contributes to the well-being of the whole society.

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